Celebration of Our Queen

What a special year is this.  2022 is the celebration of our Queen and her 70 years on the throne.  Her platinum jubilee and her now being the longest reigning sovereign in the world.


I was thinking about royalty and how much there is in the Bible about the Kingdom and the King.  God uses that title for Himself in Psalm 10 v 16 it says “The Lord is King forever and ever”.


At Jesus’s birthday the wise men came seeking “the One born King of the Jews” Matthew 2 v 2 and  Jesus was a descendant from the Royal household of King David.


Jesus all throughout his ministry talked about the Kingdom of God.  Firstly that it was near, then that it was here and finally that it was within us.

In the Lord’s Prayer Jesus’s teaches us to pray “Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in the Heavens”.  In the book of Revelation it heralds the future coming of the full Kingdom of earth, “the Kingdom of the world has become the Kingdom of our Lord”, Revelation 11 v 15.


At the cross the dying thief said to Jesus “Jesus, remember me when you come into Your Kingdom” and Jesus answered him “Truly I tell you today you will be with me in paradise”.


Have you ever thought about it that there is this Kingdom of God that we can enter?  It is great to think that we can be part of this heavenly royal family.


At Homechurch we have a banner made by a lady which says King of Kings with a beautiful crown with jewels.  It reminds us of His Kingship and that we are His subjects.


Our Queen is a Christian and is the Head of the Church of England.  Her letter released for her platinum jubilee is signed “Your servant,  Elizabeth”.    Jesus Himself takes the role of a servant by coming here to bring the Kingdom and by dying on the cross to open up the way for us to come in.


As we enjoy this Platinum Jubilee with special events this coming summer, let us celebrate and give thanks for our Queen and truly thank God, she has, as the National anthem says,  “long to reign over us”.  God save the Queen.