Healing Room

HRs is an international Christian prayer and healing ministry of which we are members. Our Headquarters are based in Spokane, Washington, US, and is called The International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR) and was started by the international missionary, John G. Lake in 1914.

The UK Headquarters is called Healing Rooms England and Wales (HREW).
Our team in Suffolk are from different churches and are trained. Our ministry is free of charge and fully insured.
We pray for physical, emotional, and well-being healing, allowing the Holy Spirit to minister through us to you.
If you would like to hear more about Healing Rooms and have a team come out and minister, we would love to share our story. We are open to visiting your home group and church or at any one-off event.

Please ring 07934984657 to book and arrange.

Healing Nights.

Garden Rooms, Red Gables, Ipswich Road, Stowmarket, IP14 1BE.
1st Sunday of each month at 7.00 pm

Calendar for 2024

Sunday 4th Feb,

Sunday, 3rd, March,

Sunday, 7th, April,

Sunday, 5th , May,

Sunday, 2nd , June,

Sunday, 7th ,, July,

Sunday, 1st, Sept,

Sunday, 6th, October,

Sunday 3rd November.

Ministry for physical and emotional healing.
Please note our dates, all events are free of charge and open to everyone.
Parking is on-site and tea and coffee are available.

We aim to provide help and support to bring the Love of God into people’s situations.


You will be welcomed and asked to fill in a prayer ministry form before the team will sensitively pray for you.

If you wish you can be anointed with oil.

We are not counselors but are an accredited International prayer ministry.

Healing Rooms is a safe place where anyone can come to receive free and confidential Christian prayer for emotional, physical, and relational issues.  It is a non-judgmental environment.